Anybody have this CPU
Its an AMD 3800 Dual Core. I was just wondering if anyone has experience with it. Will it be enough to power a 16X drive?

This should be absolutely no problem.

Thanks Chef, coming from you that means alot, I know you are very knowledgeable when it come to this stuff.

Its only 2.0GHZ that will be ok for this and next year but I would go for the Pentium 4.

I also though like that at first but I was told it was as powerful as a 3.8 GHZ Intel. So I went with it.

modern CPU speed has relatively little to do with actual burning. anything above 1Ghz should be fine.

ashmo, sorry to say but your comment is misleading and uninformed.

AMD and Pentiums can not be compared on a GHz basis, as they operate slightly differently. Also you have to think of upgrades, AMD tend not to change the socket every new generation like Pentium does, or even between econmy and premium processors, but only if they need to for a technological advance.

What mobo you putting it in?

600W Seasonic PSU
WD 150 Gig RaptorX 10,000RPM
Thermalake 10 drive case

If you have any feedback on this setup please chime in. I was told it was a very good setup so I ordered it.

Just looked: That should keep you busy for a few days :iagree:

Looks fine

I forgot to add, I also ordered a matched Pair of 2X1GIG Corsair RAM. XMS 3200c2pt with heat spreaders.

Only one HDD?
Planning on getting a 500GB or even 750GB Seagate? :bigsmile:

sounds like a beast of a machine. said with envy :wink:

Must be nice to be rich :iagree:

What graphics card are you thinking of getting?

Hi Zevi:
Right now I have a 200 gig HD and I dont even use 50 gig. I do not see a reason for a second HD, this 150 Gig Raptor X shold be plenty for me, and as its going to be SATA, I will have my two onboard channells free for 4 optical drives. The comes the addon cards that Zebadee helped me with.

As I am not a gamer I ordered the NVidia MSI PCI-E DDR2 256MB 1600.

The whole thing with tax was less than 1700.00 USD.

How about a dual 17" or 19" LCD setup? :slight_smile: