Anybody have a 'W' version?



I just noticed on the Lite-On page that they now also have an 32123W listed. Anybody have a 32123W or a 40125W?
I can't see any difference in the specs so I'm a little :confused:


still beas#ts me; my 40x was an S version :slight_smile:


Found out why I can’t see any difference in specs, the link goes to the same page… :slight_smile:
Maybe it’s their OEM-version or something…


Most likely reason: the w version is rumoured to be shipped as a P-CAV drive and not a Zone-CLV drive.

That’s it :wink:


Well, i bought the 32125w 10 minutes ago and guess what !?! It’s P-CAV!!! Firmware is VWBS2…works flawlessly with nero and patched CDRwin 3.8g (simply changed the string 32123s to my id with hex editor)…


…and the speed issue: i needed 3:04 with nero for a 78:45 cdr…


…and the speed issue: i needed 3:04 with nero for a 78:45 cdr…




Do you think the P-CAV drive has a different chipset revision from the Zone-CLV drives?

(I’m thinking: Flash from 32123s --> 32123w :smiley: )


As far as I am hearing it’s all based on the Firmware.


The ‘W’ would indicate it’s another chipset in use (that’s their strategy to this point at least), so I don’t think flashing it will be possible.
But I would like it if it was… :cool: :cool:


but if its a diff chipset then why would there also be a LTR-40125W when the LTR-40125S can be flashed to P-CAV?


kevinqian makes a good point.

I can’t seemt to find the elusive ‘w’ firmware on Liteon’s site.

Suppose the 32123S is not a P-CAV drive what would the effects of flashing it with a P-CAV firmware be?
Is there any way to ‘undo’ it incase anything goes wrong?


I too want 32123S to be the same as 32123W, all I’m saying is that up to now, Lite-On has namned
their models like this, (CDRspeed)(CDRWspeed)(chipset)

So logically the 3S and 3W wouldn’t be the same…
But maybe theyve changed their policy… :slight_smile:


I don’t know what all the chipset does on its own, but it still seems possible (to me, anyway) to be able to reprogram whatever processor is running in there to be able to do work in P-CAV mode.

All you’d have to do is run the motor at a fixed RPM (eliminating some math necessary for figuring out CLV changes in RPM), and use the freed up clock cycles to do the math on determining the proper timing changes of pits and lands in P-CAV mode. The Running OPC routine is already there and should change power levels as needed across the disc.

Though that’s probably easier said than done… :confused:

I read here in another thread that supposedly Mt. Rainier will be added to the firmware as well.

My only concern with changes such as these is the size of the flash ROM in the drive. (Would the one in the 3W drive be larger than the one in 3S?)


Originally posted by Predator2k
Firmware is VWBS2…works flawlessly with nero and patched CDRwin 3.8g (simply changed the string 32123s to my id with hex editor)…

Here’s another thing that differs, 5 letters in the fw-name…
I’m thinking about the similarities between the flashabe 24 and 32x…

My way:
24103S->32123S (XB03->XS0F)

There are similarities both in the name of the drive and in the naming of the firmware.

Now with firmware VWBS2…

Well I don’t know, it hurting my head! :wink:


The firmware version of the new W version is WBS2.

Don’t know for sure, but I think the LTR-32123S is P-CAV capable with a firmware upgrade…


i know this may sund dumb but why not flash it and if it doesnt work just flash it back, i spose it isnt that simple but thats what happened with my burner, i flshed with the wrong .bin file so i flashed again with the rite one and everything woz good. Please give me answers about this as i am very interested in this and i love computing. the prob is im only 13. anyways cya all.



Could you let us know where you bought the 32x burner? Is the 40x P-CAV model :o also available?



Have You noticed, That Predator talks of a 32125w ?? look at the 125… does it make sense?

Read another interessting Thing at

They speak of a 30125W from Liteon… But they have an impressing Picture of CD-Speed…
Sounds to me that it is a downgraded 40125W…
just like the 24103s and the 32123s combination…


Well, i think this is a typo at cdr-info, cause the cd-speed screen looks exactly like my own…and nero cd speed tells me i got LTR-32125W…and firmware is reported as VWBS2, but maybe thats a bug in Cd-Speed, cause Bios and Windows tells me WBS2, without V…