Anybody have a software & help for how to make my own video cd & video dvd copy protected?

Please anybody give me a better solution & help.
I want to copy lock (Copy protect) to my own video cd & video dvd.
How can i do this?
does any software for it?
i have a vcdprotector software but i donโ€™t know how it use?
give me a help for this that how can i protect my VCD/DVD-Video with vcdprotector? (or another software) :bow::bow::bow::bow::bow:

Check this thread here, you cannot copy protect your own DVDs with a DVD burner. If I understand correctly, the only way to copy protect DVDs is if they are mass produced.

thanks, PsychoticPrecision
ok, i understand that dvd-r not copy protectโ€ฆ but video CD can be protected or not?..
i also want to make copy protected video cdโ€ฆ i try vcd protector softwareโ€ฆ its goodโ€ฆ but still question is in nero v.8 vcd protect video cd also copy to copy doneโ€ฆ copy cd function work on vcd copy protected cdโ€ฆ:a:a:a
[B]How Can i prevent that nero not copy disc or copy to copy ?[/B]:sad::sad::sad::confused::confused:
[B][U]reply soonโ€ฆ anybody have a answer for this???/[/U][/B][QUOTE][/QUOTE]:bow::bow::bow: