Anybody have a dead PX-760A or PX-755A?



I need only one mechanical part from dead plextor.
In my drive i broken litle white plastic element. This element join laser unit with motor…

Now my PLex is down…:frowning:


Sorry for your problem, VANT.
I’ve a drive with the same problem but it’s a PX-716A. Fortunately I’ve other two 716A and a 755A still working. :slight_smile:


If you’re still searching; my first PX-755A recently died.


I got an old PX-755SA.


I am about to buy a comatose Plextor 760-A that has some problems burning, but reads OK. I see if I can get it dirty cheap, and test it for DAE.


How much you payin for it cuz I have one.