Anybody has the AOpen 16x DVDRW?

I am interested in getting another DVD writer…I already have the 3500 and the 1620; anybody else has or tried the AOpen DUW1608 16x DVD writer?

Let me know, thanks!


CDFreaks review article will be published very soon for this drive!

So what’s your preliminary impression?

I’m not reviewing it…
We’ll have to let Jan70 answer or wait for the review :wink:

Just curious, is it drive capable for BitSetting?

I am eagerly awaiting for the review :slight_smile:

AOpen is now looking into some quality issues we have reported to them - so no word on when the review is ready to be officially released.

OC-Freak, thanks for heads up! Hopefully AOpen will try to improve their products in the near future.

Would these quality issues be firmware related or hardware/design related?

Another drive with problems to add to the list :eek:

Hmmm I guess I missed the memo. :rolleyes: :stuck_out_tongue:

Finally a review :bigsmile:

Any idea it’s really a Rioch? Just to confirm my doubt since you guys already tested it. :slight_smile:

I am curious. What features do you think it might have that would make it a worthwile addition? I’m always looking for reasons to justify another purchase. It gets so boring just turning out perfect burns on the 3500. I almost had more fun burning on the Liteon. It has been soooo long since I played with a fun firmware hack.

Me, I get bore of things very easily and so I have to always seek for new satisfactions. I always like to try products that are less common or popular, so that’s my main reason why I am looking @ the AOpen drive. In the past, I have had very good experience with AOpen optical products; but I just haven’t try any of their DVD writers yet.

I hope the issues in the 1608 is firmware fixable.

I will not tell any details yet - as that will spoil most of the purpose of the review :stuck_out_tongue:

But it sure looks like firmware fixable details.

Guess it’ll be some time before we can see a review. :sad:

Pardon me, but I fail to see where witholding the “warts” you found with the drive benefits the consumer as opposed to benefiting Aopen…
Clearly, Aopen has deemed the drive ready for PrimeTime as it has been available for purchase for some time now.
Why not publish your findings as they exist with the drive provided for review and indicate the “warts” you found and state that Aopen has been notified and we will update the review if and when Aopen responds?

We all realize that the makers put the drives out in the wild long before the firmwares mature.
With this knowledge I see it as far more beneficial to the consumer to see an established track record of upgrades and improvements provided by the makers than to wait for the improvements to be rendered before publishing the results. (people are buying these drives as I type this…)

By witholding until Aopen has an oppourtunity to respond gives the impression (right or wrong) that there is some type of obligation on your end to not publish negative results. (I have no knowledge of this one way or the other.)

I don’t intend these comments to be a knock against your review practices as I value the reviews provided by you and others on this site.
However, I would like to see the good along with the bad documented.
No one expects any drive to be perfect and loyalties will be built or destroyed based on the commitment of the makers to identify and correct or improve the products they place for sale in the market…

I thank you and the other reviewers for your hard work, dedication and expenses incurred in providing us with the in-depth information needed for us to make informed buying decisions.

We will always give the manufacturer the opportunity to look at our test results and provide fixes/comments before we publish a review - we do this with every drive and manufacturer. But we do not let them get unlimited amount of time - we wait at maximum 7 days after we have sent the results to them. No fixes comments until then = post review.

It happens that a defective drive is sent to reviewers too - and we have to make sure that this is not the case with all drives we review.

You will always try to make sure that the problems you find is normal. As said - it’s normal to let the drive manufacturer look at the results and comment on them before posting a review.

If you read our (maybe especially mine) reviews you will notice that I do not have any problems giving negative ratings for a drive. And I’ve yet to find a drive without noticeable negative points in my book.

Thanks, we are trying to be honest and be friend with both readers (Can’t live without them) and drive manufacturers (we need them to provide test samples). So we will always inform the manufacturer about errors we find and let them comment on/fix the errors within a short period of time. This also benefits the users as reviewers often have close contact with the right people so errors may actually be fixed in newer firmware versions due to the feedback from the reviewers.

I’ve already ruined one relationship with one company so they will not provide review samples anymore. But they deserved it, the drive sucked and they were not easy to deal with either. I don’t think I’ve ever been as pissed at a company as this one.

Thanks for the comments OC-Freak.
It’s enlightning to get the perspective from the other side of the fence…

If I had to guess about the “ruined relationship” I would choose BTC…?
If so, no great loss. This goes along with my point about makers who are commited to correct or improve on their products…

Hey guess what, I purchased the DUW1608/AAR today! I can’t wait to test it out; and the place I bought from, gives me 7 days exchange period with another drive or different product!