Anybody got a cheapo pcchips m/board

And successfully managed to get a hard drive to boot from an IDE controller,
I’ve gave up trying and think m/board is just not up to it, wondered if anyone else has had any success,

apart from that controller works fine.

Ive tried promise ultra100tx,and another cheapo one with IT8212 chipset

PCChips is the Princo of the motherboard world in other words theyre shite i suggest upgrading to a better board

Yep I know exactly what you mean and I knew that when I got it nearly 3 years ago,
but it works absolutely fine apart from the booting issue,
and I have already been looking at other boards but thought I’d see if anyone else had succeeded in solving this problem first

PC Chips works fine at least my M848 v2.1 did running an ECS BIOS.