Anybody going on holiday this year?



Thought I’d ask, now that the warmer weather is with us (about time, here in the UK!).

So. Anyone going anywhere nice for their holidays?



Heading down to Belize for some Tarpon and Bonefish on the old flyrod…


I’ve already went back in the spring to Paridise Island…in the Bahamas…guess i’ll have to see where i am headed for the other 2 weeks…:slight_smile:


Well i might be going to Fuerteventura… and Jamaica if i can be bothered to save… :slight_smile:


I take every February off to chill out on the beach in Kenya.
Talcum powder white sands & turquoise sea.
Unbroken sunshine and 37 celcius everyday.
A dirty job but someone’s gotta do it :cool:


Mombasa is very nice this time of year…as long as you don’t have to go into town.


True but a tad chilly and also there is cloud in the sky, and that will never do :doh:


no, i’ve nobody to go with now that i’m single :frowning: , and i couldn’t afford it anyway with being off my work :frowning: but hopefully i’ll be back to work on the 15th :slight_smile:


disney world (orlando, florida) but not until late september…too damn hot in the south during the summer to go…and too crowded too!

good thing I’m unemployed and can take the time to go in the fall :stuck_out_tongue:

we just booked it the other day. I’m going with my aunt and my cousin (5 years old) so it should be fun.

my parents paid for my flight as part of my graduation present and my aunt is paying for my hotel since i’m sort of coming along as the baby sitter. all I have to pay for is food and park admissions…not a bad deal at all!


I spent all my money on a badly needed new car. But we may try and get away for a week in the highlands.


Holiday? Yeah, right, in my dreams…


Sounds like some of you have some really nice ones planned (Dee’s possible trip to the Highlands really appeals to me, as it should be cooler up there) :slight_smile:

Me, I shall be staying here at home, melting in front of my PC. :slight_smile:


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Surely you don’t need a holiday, for you are already in Paradise :smiley:


Like in the last 25 years no holidays for me :disagree:


I am taking my family to Tunisia for 3 weeks and then in September going back to Fuerteventura for 1 month


:eek: thats around the time im going…


saw the american star last time :iagree:


I don’t know really, I plan on working the whole summer except for my birthday on the 14th of august. I want to get my £1000 that i spent building my computer and on the monitor back, and want to buy a car (2nd hand). I might go on a trip for the weekend to france or something at the end of august.


that’s a different paradise, where you watch 22 men kick a football,
my paradise would be back in NYC or Vegas :cool:


I am going to Corralejo, I love Fuerteventura it’s so quiet we usually have the beach all to ourselfs.