Anybody experience buying tape wrap blank dvd

Hi all,

Does anybody experience buying this tape wrap 100pk dvd sold in this way? Does it affect the quality of disc? Reason is I have 4 empty 100 disc spindle lying around here, thinking to re-use it? Is it worth to buy, I was thinking to buy this verbatim dvd-97016 in tape wrap. Any feedback.

I have no experience with 97016, but I once tried a 50pk wrap and I noticed no difference in quality. Still, I think that this type of package offers less protection, so I wouldn’t be very surprised in case of a problem. Does the price difference justify the risk?

Thanks, then I could find something cheaper like CMC pro TY in shrink wrap, I think or a sony 50pk x2, would this be ok.

I have no experience with CMC Pro TY and I wouldn’t buy Sony (or any other media without knowing their manufacturer).

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I have used 100s (maybe 1000+) of these over the years. Used to print 200-300 DVD/year. Tape wrap reduces plastic waste and yes there is a possibility of damage but the only one that ever had it was pack I bought off of Amazon that was listed as damaged.

As for quality, what is your end use? Archival then NO. Limited use duplication - Sure.

its for archival, what would be the best choice then?