Anybody ever used Ashampoo

I saw this online and was wondering if it is worth trying.
It is called Ashampoo Burning Suite.

i also have wondered about this software??? any info would be appreciated

Yes I use it and it’s very similar to Nero to use, but with out all the [B] BUGS and other rubbish Nero Has [/B] it already has Blu-ray support built in and I haven’t found any problems or Bugs with the program, tell you the truth people I know that that have tried it stoped using Nero altogether and deleted it from there system. It a lot lighter on your resources than Nero and the PC seems to run faster after deleting Nero. I don’t think Nero comes anywhere near Ashampoo in Burning. I think if you tried it you would never go back to using Nero.

Thank for your input, for the price I would never had thought to compare it to Nero, I would have compared it Clone2, but if you say it is good I will try the trial version ( 40 days ). The whole program is only 8 mbs. Nero is over 200mbs.

I just downloaded it and it is like a basic version of nero 6. Has the raw features that you need (create data cd, dvd, or audio) except it has blue ray support.

Does it just burn or does it read the DVD to Hd and then burn. Does it compress?

I think it does both, but i dont think it compresses. Here are some screen shots

It would be good to see a review - after your trial.

Thankyou so much for those screenshots. If it doesn’t compress then you would still need a proggy like Shrink or Recode to make a movie fit to a DVD5 disc. The Blu-Ray option may be good for you but I cannot afford the Blu-Ray equipment at this time so I am still using DVD5s compressed for my movies.

All in all its just a simple program with blu-ray support. Its of no use to me as i dont use dl-disks, and dont have a blue ray drive. The features arnt paticuarly exciting either, its just the basic stuff you would need to copy. I would say its a bit like alcohol, but if you have clonecd you wont need it, unless you want blu-ray support.

Thanks for the input, your review was great.

Tis ok :smiley:

Ashampoo is fabulous for converting iso into bin cue, for games and data, but for movie backups I use DVDFAB Platinum, not only does it burn dual layer, it also will split the movie into 2 or more discs so that there is no compression and our dvd player plays it perfectly with out shrinking it down. (note) there is also an option to shrink it to 1 disc, but who wants to risk a making a poor copy when you can have a perfect backup split up. It even has cgp, which is placed at the end of the disc 1, saying insert disc 2. I like to use the U.S. army guy from posters for signing up for the army, which says “[U]I want you[/U], to insert disc 2”

This is still good for just burning the compressed dvd files created from the likes of Shrink and Recode. Nero never lets me burn dvd’s with the full 31 character title names which sux.