Anybody ever use Pengo cd's before



Anybody use these cd’s ?? I havent found a lot of info on them, but the ones I bought were diamond platinum, and u really cant see the burn on them.
so far no coasters yet.


No i have not used them, where did you get them from they sound cool. Do they have a silver bottom instead of a blue one, then you could make your cd’s look really cool!!!


Actually they look like the same on both sides. I bought them from a computer show and they were a little pricy. They were from Pengo, and Pengo just released them to the public just recently. but like I said before you cant see the burn, they are silver on both sides.


Well that sounds pretty damn cool, is there another place where i can get these cd’s from>>>>>>>>>???


I got from media dynamics. I think their # is407-277-8133


they were good like 6 years ago n theyre very cheap but they suck nowadayz theyre not readable by many cdroms n they dont last as long as theyre used 2 little hint da darker da cd is on da bottom the better it reflects da laser back n da better quality cd they r my favorites cd are verbatims theyre da best very good quality but a bit expensive n da memorex n imations r good cause they cheap n theyre pretty reliable :slight_smile:


I know not of cd’s are good, but this particular spindle is, and now my f------- burner is crapping out again, time for a plextor


Did that come out right?? I was really tired when I posted that msg. The spindles I bought are pretty decent…No bad burns except for when I had been running it all day, doing everything and upgraded Nero and burning a cd without re-booting. Make sure if you guys upgrade Nero, check to see if you need to change the serial