Anybody ever had such a Qscan (with fw G7P9)?



Hi all, I just made a Qscan of the first and second disc from a 25 spindle just bought locally:

Sony DVD+R 8x x25 (25DPR120AS3), Surface is Silver Grey.

Media Code block:
0010 : 00 00 03 53 4f 4e 59 00 00 00 00 44 31 31 00 38 …SONY…D11.8
0020 : 23 54 37 14 00 32 6f 00 96 6a 17 19 0c 0c 0a 0b #T7…2o…j…

I guess this is real crap? I already emailed Sony. I did not burn a single disc of them but rather wait for an answer of them. Hope they care for their reputation and let me know how to get an exchange for this sh!t.


EDIT: Comments at also appear to show that in January, this media is a big heap of meecrob. :frowning:


Yeah appears to be the media … many problems of people in Germany with Sony Media in January … have label with Eastern European texts (several languages) on it. Obviously crap to be sold to the poorer people.

This is a shame for a brand like Sony !


Here is a Qscan, on the Sony DVD+R 8x (25 pcs cakebox) I have. Looks ok to me at 12x though. :iagree:


I’m guessing you got SONYD11 made in Taiwan by Daxon, while the original poster got the ones made in Austria. Either that or maybe he just got a bad batch of the Taiwan discs.


well I dont know where they come from - Sony doesnt bother to write where they are made in on the cakebox :frowning: I tested the 1st four of the box, and all of them had focus errors above the graph. Looked nasty.


I hear that about media sold in the EU market, that often country of manufacture isn’t printed on the label. Seems to be true for TDK and Sony, maybe some others? Verbatim prints it though.


Verbatim probably isn’t using low-grade discs then and respects it reputation enough to not do so. @oman - sounds like a bad batch of discs to me. :frowning: That’s the only thing I can guess really.


Here is one Sony DVD+R 8x in Jewel Case (Make in Austria) bough at Karstadt – Germany, and the result is ok at 12x according to Qscan.

I would believe your Sony’ could be an bad batch.


Yeah I managed to return the discs to MediaMarkt (Germany), though the wrapping was open (how else could I have tested the discs? :smiley: ). I showed them the email from Sony and the QScans from the BenQ, the dealer checked the first 2 or 3 discs (which were not used, written, scratched or whatever) and they took them back.

Again, this DVD+Rs were from a cakebox with Eastern European texts on it only, so I guess this really is 2nd grade quality for sale where lower prices are usual. Anyway, a shame. They gave me a great cakebox of Verbatim DVD+R 8x for it which show a much flatter QScan result.


hehe, at least they took them back for good quality media oman. Sounds like a good place to do business with. :smiley:


Interesting, this problem with SONYD11 and BenQ 1620.
Mine discs are MIT and my BenQ has also problem burning them, even at 12x speed. :confused:

On inner ring I can read; 4804N4DA61A005404.

Surprisingly, my NEC 3500 can burn them without a problem at 16x.
And thanks to ala42, I can play around with write strategies… :stuck_out_tongue:


Wow, if they are dumping low quality batches in Eastern Europe, which then end up in the West through certain channels, we could be in for a rough ride. Especially as the only way to get affordable media here is through the internet and there is no visual confirmation of what we are getting. :frowning:


Again & FYI:
serial# of bad Sony DVD+R 8x 25 cakebox, Sony product 25DPR120AS3, were
4d07n5da61d044395 downwards on that spindle (letters of serial# were in capital)
Eastern European language texts only printed on label.

Media Code Block:
0010 : 00 00 03 53 4f 4e 59 00 00 00 00 44 31 31 00 38 …SONY…D11.8
0020 : 23 54 37 14 00 32 6f 00 96 6a 17 19 0c 0c 0a 0b #T7…2o…j…

I dont believe anyone outside Europe needs to be afraid about this. But anyway … be suspicious if you see such discs. I was quite surprised when I saw that the TE was outside the graph!


yeah - they are big enough so they can afford that … As the plastic wrapping was open of course, it was nice to see what impact an email from Sony Europe and 2 BenQ Qscans of this crap had. Again this shows how important it is to exercise your consumer rights! But I am still angry because it was a waste of time - and therefore I will not buy Sony DVD+Rs again for a while. This is how to damage a well known brand! But as we see every day, even HP and others do that :frowning:

Normally a back-channeling of cheap stuff from eastern Europe should happen only for small shops or mail-order business, one would think. But I would think a company the size of MediaMarkt (=Saturn, Metro) would negotiate directly with Sony …



That is true, but at least most write “Made in the EU” then. Sony not even bothered to do that & does not write the country of manufacture on any of their DVD±Rs, I checked with the jewel cases and DVD boxes as well!

I start to think they deliberately want to hide someting. But maybe it is just a new plant where production process is just not running smoothely - anyway, if I were Sony I would not have sold those discs unter my own label. That is really stupid…


I have exactly the same scans on DVD+R Tayio Yuden 4x scanned at 8x (ie normal FE, but awful TE)
They still burn fine at 8x, with excellent quality score like 97-98

In fact I think TE in Qscan doesn’t really matter.


Hm this would reveal some major flaws in BenQs Qscan and maybe even firmware. Again, I am using G (=bulk=OEM), maybe B firmware is better?

Anyway I just scanned a Verbatim DVD+R 8x with QScan, TE and FE were quite constant and low over the whole disc, with 12x 8x and 4x. But when I wrote the DVD with an image and Nero CD DVD Speed, I now get an LBA error near the end of the disc. Also results on Verbatim DVD-R were ugly, though they all worked great in my LG GSA-4163B. I think it is the drive itself.