Any1 with Nero 7 please help

Am running version 7 of Nero burning software & each time I try to manually update the software an error message comes up on the screen specifying that “MSI STARTER NOT RESPONDING”. I am currently running Vista OP.
Any assistance to this issue would be greatly appreciated.

Hi :slight_smile:
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Making sure you have your serial #.
Remove Nero 7. Use Nero’s own Clean Tool.
Then if you haven’t already dowload the complete Nero 7 file.
Do a clean install.
Let us know if…
A:- You’ve already tried this
B:- If you haven’t, whether this works for you.

Thanks a mill for the advice. Can I just clarify tho, as a kind of novice at this. Are you saying that I should uninstall the software & then reinstall it?

Affirmative, but as stated, make sure you keep your Serial#.

Thanks Beef Barley for the prompt advice. I am however having issues with uninstalling as I had attempted to update the version of Nero I had overnight & for some reason it froze during the night. It is now advising me when I try the uninstall that it is currently downloading updates. There is no evidence of this on my computer though I may be looking in the wrong places. Any tips my friend??

Hi :slight_smile:
Go [B][U]here[/U][/B] & download the Nero 7 Clean Tool.
Then run this on your PC.
That should get rid of all for you.
Having done that.
Do a clean install of the latest version. Insert serial # when prompted.
Hopefully this will sort things out for you.