Any1 knows media id Bulkpaq ice-white dvd+r



Any1 can tell me anything about these bulkpaqs ?

I used the dvd-r printable prodisc03 form bulkpaq and was very satisfied with em, so i now want to try out dvdr+ . Any comments would be appreciated.
Burner is a NEC2500.thx :slight_smile:


I`ve just brought a tub to try with my 811s hsop, and they fail when writing the lead-in. attached is the dvd identifier snap shot.

Has anyone had any succsess with these disc`s or have i wasted £8.


Hacked my firmware to accept these discs, burned a couple of discs all went ok play back fine in my limit dvd player but k probes are by far the worst i`ve had with hsop and a +r disc.


You can see many examples of poor write quality with LiteOn burners on this media HERE . The NEC2500 seems to handle them very well, but it is not good media.


dont think ill bother with this media again :Z :Z :Z


ok thx for the nfo. i think i will stay away from those then.
maybe get another batch of dvd-r.