Any YUDEN000 T02 or YUDEN00 T03 left at retail? (USA)


I was just wondering. Any branded YUDEN000 T02 or YUDEN000 T03 left at retail stores???

I have found some old stock of Sony branded TYG03 at Walgreens…


In my town Sears still has Sony-branded T02–marked as $27.99 (I think) but scans as $22.99. Staples has a few MIJ Sony 50pc spindles, but the price is so high that they’ll probably never sell them.

Thanks for responding tropic,

I guess we will have to wait for a sale!!!


I’m going to alter the title of this thread, as I was about to post with UK info (not everyone here is from the US). :wink:

I don’t think we ever had any Yuden T03 retail here, T02 is your best bet, Sears under Sony and maybe Kmart under Fuji

still lots of out there ( Not Fuji TY media very hard to find )
Sony brand T02 and TYG03 in [B]K-Mart / Walgreen / Sears store[/B]
go there tell them what I want may they bring you right stuff
( with some luck :bigsmile: )
Sony DVD-R 8X 50pack MIJ with round spacer is not TYG02 ( Octagon spacer only ) in my experience

Many of the Circuit City stores in my area still have Sony branded T02 50pk spindles. They are marked $38.99 but when you have them scanned they ring up $12.99. I bought 4 and left 3 more at the store closest to my house. Look for the ones that say 1x-8x rated speed on the side.


The last T02’s I found were at Sears, and they were very nice to price match the Sony dvds that were on sale at Best Buy. The funny thing was, I had never before seen any MIJ Sony dvds at that particular Sears…just got lucky.

I cleaned out my K-Mart a while ago of some Sony TY T02 50 packs, My Sears has 2 25 packs, but I’m just waiting for a sale.

Just curious, but what are the Sony’s that aren’t MIJ?


MII. At least here in Germany.


8x DVD+R could be SONY…D11

@mciahel what media code would those be do you know?


No idea. I just saw them (both, +R and -R) in a local store here. They are sold in 30 pcs packs, only shrinkwrapped. :frowning:
Previously, Sony discs were sold in spindles, but no COO on it. These were D21 (16x +R) and 16D1 (16x-R). I have also some D11 with unknown origin.



I found some 50-pack YUDEN000 T02 at Sears!!!


I thought the newest sony 16x, etc… Didn’t carry a Sony MID?

I guess Sears doesen’t move a lot of media. I’ll have to check mine. :smiley:

The best chance for T02 in the states is the 25-pack of Sony media at Staples. When the same 25-pack goes on sale at K-Mart, you can get a very decent deal with a price match.

People who live in major cities have had the Sony MIJ 50-packs cleaned out almost everywhere, and the 25-pack is now the best hope. That doesn’t mean that you won’t find any Sony MIJ 50-packs, but now the law of diminishing returns is starting to kick in, and the effort you have to go through to find them is making it no longer worth the bother for many.

I’m finding far fewer of the 8x MIJ at Staples now than there used to be!

FYI, Staples has reduced the regular price on these to $11.98. Radio Shack, which also used to be good for PM’s, seems to have stopped carrying them, and I’m wondering if they’re headed for clearance or something.

Are you including what you found on the overhead storage shelves? A lot of the Sony T02s are not out on the regular media shelf. They’re hidden above your head in the storage areas, and unless you ask a CSR to bring them down, they rarely get moved.

^ :iagree: I even went to assist them get it down. :bigsmile:

25spindles of SONY 8X MIJ, are still available @staples in OC. Be sure to check overstock piles in storage areas.

Price is 9.98 until 10/23 for those who are interest.