Any words on when DL DVD recorders (Standalone) will arrive?


I haven’t heard anything yet, but I would guess about 4-8 months.

Does Panasonic have any intentions in expanding into this area? They would do the same thing that LG do and have the triple format etc :slight_smile:

Hasn’t Matsushita already?

I agree.

Strange that there first were some Philips standalone DVD+RW recorders and then came the PC writers. Blu-ray and HDTV standalone recorders appeared long ago but there is no PC drive of either format. Too much pressure from the entertainment industry?

They’re going to make DVD standalone recorders that can do DVD+R DL, DVD+ , DVD+ RW and DVD-RAM??? That would be something :slight_smile:

Also interesting is will there by DL DVD+RW media? So far we only have mention of +R discs. When or if we get +RW, this will be when the Dual Layer recorders designed to replace your VCR will appear I suspect…

Any more news on this subject?

Thanks to all

Nope. Seems we’re waiting for some time for this.

Thanks for the link. I’ll have to watch the prices, see the compatiblity of DL discs when used in the machines with other players and drives should any arise, and then see the the editing abilities before burning to disc etc. :slight_smile: