Any word on new NUTech Firmware

Just curious if anyone heard anything on new NUTech firmware that might address some of the current issues.

no news of new firmware.

the last one is B373.

NU Europe doesn’t even know if a new firmware is on the way…

Last I heard, there was a Working to resolve statement made…

ETA?..Who knows? :sad:

I hope NuTech will release a new firmware for DDW-082.

New firmware B375 available today at NU website !! :smiley:

The “history.txt” file looks very confused !! Jumps from b362 to b375 ??? :confused:

  • Adds MCC 1x DVD-RW support
  • Adds TDK 2x DVD-RW support

I just flashed my drive, and tried a DVD-R video on my “picky” JVC standalone. My fingers were crossed, but the JVC has no problems identifying it and playing the video!

That change-log isn’t quite as detailed as it has been in the past, but it seems like they’ve done more than just add the support for those two DVD-RW media types.

This firmware plain sucks for DVD-R. Period.

Details to follow later when some more tests is done.

Can’t wait to see what you’ve uncovered, OC-Freak. Perhaps my successful DVD-R burn was just a fluke…unfortunately, I’m not well-versed enough in testing methods to present the results of my burn.

I got this DVD player on Wed and it came with the B370 firmware installed. I upgraded :wink: the firmware to B372 and then to B373. Using all the firmwares and 2x Verbatim DVD-Rs I was unable to burn DVDs for my PS2 (SCPH-3001, early version). However, all backups played on my computer DVD. I used the bitsetting program and changed DVD -+ settings to DVD ROM, still no luck. Then I read Ileum’s post and downloaded the B375. Since then I have burned 5 DVDs, and all but 1 play on my PS2 :smiley: . I used the same media and software as before with the only difference being the firmware upgrade. My PS2 is picky b*ch when it comes to reading DVDs (sometimes wont play originals). I’m new to this site and would like to thank all who contribute (Chicken Man’s guide How to backup your DVD to DVD±R is excellent).

Hope you posy more details on this. Starting to wish I never bought this drive. Seems every firmware has some major issue. I should have known better than buying something cheap I guess but the early reviews made this out to be a great drive. Now I am not so sure. :sad:

The drive is probably fine - it’s just the firmware that isn’t. :slight_smile:

I’ve already posted the problem details here:

Wanna be coaster free ? Use DVD+RW 4x discs then ! .96 cents per disc from isnT that much ( & no coasters at all !!! )
2.89MB burned with NU DDW081@DDW082 F/W B375 on Legacy 4x DVD+RW disc ( from 50pack cake)

thats a good scan??? looks like outragoious pi failures…i wouldnt brag on that scan though it may read fine on your players its not a good burn low pi errors mean little. :Z

Hi guys,
Which FW do you recommend voor DDW-081. I am currently using FW BX30. i only use DVD+R.

BX32 for better media compatibility, or if it works fine for you stick with BX30.

BX32 :iagree:

It’s the best firmware for your needs!

Thanks a lots, OC-Freak. I didn’t expect a quick reply as yours.