Any word on 4550@4551

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I was just wondering if anyone (Liggy & Dee in particular) have any idea on whether flashing a NEC ND-4550A to a NEC ND-4551A is gonna be possible.
And if so when?

Cheers guys, keep up the good work!

Dee has tried it and the drive was no longer functional, afaik she managed to reflash it to a 4550. Scorpiosoft has also tried it and he had the luck he could have a rechange for the drive. I can be wrong, this is just what I have read and remembered or what my memory has made of it.

Correct, for know the 4550 drive can not be reflashed to a 4551 drive. As S0lar has written above, I tried it with no luck. Drive was recognised as a 4551 drive after the flash but when insurting a media the drive did not respond at all and I had to reset the PC the hard way! Liggy helped me to get my drive back to a 4550 drive again.

I wonder why everyone wants to have a 4551 drive?
Neither Labelflash media nor Labelflash software is available!

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One reason that Forum Members are interested to know if 4550@4551 is a viable option is because in some areas the ND-4550 is available while the ND-4551 is not.

It is correct that LabelFlash Media that can be “labeled” on the top of the disk is unavailable but according to NEC LabelFlash press releases the underside (data side) of regular media can be “labeled” similar to the capabilities of the Yamaha T@2.

If 4550@4551 were a viable option individuals would be able the purchase an available ND-4550 and flash to ND-4551 and be able to “label” the underside (data side) of their media.

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The 4551 is not available at all!

When will 4551 become available at all? In Europe, at least? Anybody has a clue or a timeline from Nec or a link?



No. From what I’ve heard, even NEC doesn’t know at the moment. I guess it all depends on the availablity of Labelflash media.

And maybe Fuji/Ritek wait for burners with LF before producing the media :confused:

I don’t think so. The burners already seem to be ready - they just aren’t for sale at the moment.

You can flash your drive with an MP3 if you like to see if it works, if you know what you are doing you can bring it back.

Just do it!

But it must be the NEC National Anthum :stuck_out_tongue: