Any web site selling nec 3500 now?



any web site selling nec 3500 now at a good price? is there any reliable site in usa?


Its discontinued so it would hard to find one, unless they had overstock, but be careful if you order one. Some people are asking for the 3500 and getting the 3520 instead which has its negative differences.


You could also check OfficeMax Stores and see if they have any old stock MadDog rebadges. Online would only be new ones.


what negatives? not as good reader as the 3500?


What? So the 3500 is better than the 3500? Is this official? I want to send my 3500 back to newegg for them to send me a new or fixed 3500. I guess this won’t happen huh?


See if they will replace it with a 3520 (assuming that they’re willing to).



There are still 3500’s for sale on eBay and



Many dealers at pricewatch have not updated their web pages so it would be a good idea to confirm before you order. And of course I will sell my mint perfect 3500 for $1000, shipping included. ( I need a tongue-in-cheek icon here)



My 3500’s are like my first born son-

I would never give them up for any amount-



Just browsed the site and saw under the product selector that the ND-3500A is listed under Discontinued Products :sad:

Does this mean the 3500 is officialy DEAD and no more f/w support?


maddog just released a new firmware with new write stratagies for the 3500 just a few weeks ago…discontiunued–yes…dead–hell no.


Here’s one on ebay for $71 + shipping: