Any ways to by pass disc check?

This is my first post :clap:

I wonder if anyone knows there is a way to make my LiteOn 451s by pass any disc load-up test when a DVD/CD is inserted into the drive, so that I can erase/burn straight ahead. The reason for finding this is described below.

I have my LiteOn 451s inside a Freecom Classic USB External enclosure (rebranded). I tried all available firmwares (Freecom’s LiteOn’s for 451, those crossflashing for 451@851, 451@832), but none of them solve my problem.

My LiteOn 451s creates unreadable DVD+RW or DVD-RW with nero 6 unloaded, also with InCD 4.( I am using the latest version of Nero and InCD The drive simply cannot recognize any DVD±RW by Nero and UltraISO . The Green LED slowly blinks 3 times after these failed media inserted into the drive.

I have tried Datawrite (DVD+R 8x), Verbatim Data Life Plus (4x DVD+RW), Ritek (4x DVD+R), Imation (4x DVD-RW, 4x DVD+RW), and TDK (2x DVD-RW).
80% of them results the same. The drive was fine 1 year ago (by the time Freecom sent me this 451s as a replacement of the faulty 411s), but it keeps failing media in all types of media (even CD-RW).

Time to get a new drive ? :sad:

Can you run Nero CD/DVD speed and post the results of a disc burned in that. Or is it that nakered that it wont even do that?

The drive even cannot recognize the disc afterwards. It simply return “media no present” error after a few minutes. But I do realize that it fails more or DVD+R or +RW media rather than -R or -RW … :confused:

if your pc isnt a laptop then get it out of the external box and hook it up regulary
who knows maybe the external box got issues