Any way to write slower than 6X ? (165p6s)

I have to write an image and i can’t write slower than 6X in my SHM-165p6s. Is there any way to write 1, 2X ???
It’s an alcohol 120% image and i have to write it slower.

With quality media and modern quality burners there’s generally no reason to burn slow.

It’s a game backup from a protected disk

CD? or DVD?
For protected DVDs nothing will help, slow burning won’t help
For protected CDs get a Liteon 5-sheep CD Writer

‘Slower is better’ is a common myth spread around gaming sites apparently. Most media burns best at or near its rated speed, regardless of whether it’s a game, a movie, data, anything. 8x media at 4-8x, 16x media at 8-12x, etc.

if you use 4x media you will get 4x speed, i think.

It’a a DVD image, I Have SONY D11 DVDs 8X (really good scans).

:iagree: Also, most 8x rated DVD-R are supported at 4x.


Yeah but my writer doesn’t. and it’s a DVD+R.
Slowest option is 6X.

I give up,the only way seems with modified firmware. I’ll wait to buy some slower discs

it’s a myth today’s burners are optimized to burn at disc rated speeds when discs are 8x and 12x-16x when discs are 16x

It’s a myth, but if you want to burn at 4x badly, just use ala42’s MCSE

It’s not going to change what’s already been pointed out. Any change in the level of success that you get with slower discs will only be coincidental and will not be related to the burn speed. If they work better, it will be because of some other factor, such as better quality media, better reflectivity, different format (+R vs -R), etc. And that’s not to say that slower media will necessarily exhibit those better characteristics, they may or may not depending on what you buy.

If you’re getting good burns with your Sony discs, then burn speed is not the problem. Your game console may be very picky, so the Sony discs may be a problem because of reflectivity of the disc, maybe you need to try -R rather than +R, maybe you need to bitset the +R discs to -ROM, etc. Good luck in finding the right combination, but burn speed is not the issue.

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Yeah, I know, i just change the media code speeds to write slower and didn’t work. :doh:
I’m reading a review of this drive and it’s very bad making backups, wasn’t able to backup safedisk 2+.
I’ll find the right combination (i hope) :frowning:

Thanks a lot.

Are you sure that the data itself is then backed up properly to function correctly? I don’t know much about doing game backups, just make sure that you back up the original properly before moving on to the burning part of the process. Are these computer game backups, or backups for a console like Playstation or Xbox?

It’s a pc Game backup (quake 4).
When i mount the image with Alcohol 120 it works but, i’m not really sure the data is OK.

I doubt it has anything to do with the burn quality if it’s a PC game, something else is probably to blame IMO. I would go back to making certain that you’re backing up the disc properly.