Any way to waterproof inkjet printable DVDRs?



Is there any known method to waterproof inkjet printable DVDRs after you’ve printed on them?

I’ve heard of spraying some kind of clearcoat on them, but there are never any detailed instructions on how to do it (i.e. what type of spray to use, how do you apply it evenly, etc).

Also I’ve heard of lamination, and was wondering if anyone had any insight on that.

Or if anybody knows of any other methods, that would be great.


The sprays are called ‘fixative sprays’ and you can find them at artist supply stores. I have not used such a spray myself.


I’ve tried out this stuff and it works fine.

If you put on a couple of coats then it will be waterproof. If you want a glossy finish then put on 4 or 5 coats, but you will use up the spray quickly if you do this.


@ Dismembered Ninja

Can you but from them instore, as i’m only 20mins drive from them.


I’m sure you could phone up and arrange to pick up the stuff yourself. I always speak to a guy called Emran and he generally sorts me out with stuff.