Any way to turn Samsung TS-L462A region-free?

As it would become quite obvious anyway, I’ll just say it up front - I have nexto to no idea as to what I’m talking about and how to go about it - nor if I’m even posting in the right forum, but here it is.

Any way to make my Samsung TS-L462A DVD rom region-free?


I am also a newbie so this is not an expert’s answer but let’s try to help ! lol

Do you want to change the region or really make it region free ?

You can change the region in your Device manager. I think there is usually a limited number of times you can change it so don’t play with it too much.

To turn it Region Free try:

There is a program called DVD Region Free, you can try it free for 30 days.
I’m not sure it’s really good, It didn’t solve my problem.

This is just a newbie non-expert answer.
Did you made a search on the forum, I guess this is the kind of question that must have been asked before… :wink:

Look into this topic to find out how to make this drive permanently region free: