Any way to tell what type of RAM in a GFX card?

Hey guys, any way to tell if a Video card has DDR ram or not?


What card is it?

EVEREST (formerly Aida32) can display that information.
No installation required.
Check GPU under Display.

I hope you’re not trying to match a DDR graphics card to a DDR motherboard, or a non-DDR card to a non-DDR board -

Because it doesn’t matter!

The motherboard does not care what kind of memory the graphics card has onboard - it DOES care what voltage interface it uses:
Old motherboards, most likely non-DDR, may have only a 3.3v AGP 1.0 slot - not supported by some modern cards.
Old cards, from before DDR/SDR was an issue, may be 3.3v AGP 1.0, and unusable in modern motherboards.

AGP 2.0 (4x / 1.5v) and AGP 3.0 (8x / 1.5v + 0.8v signalling) are normally interchangeable at 4x, with 8x available if both parts support it.