Any way to tell mfr before buying?

I’m getting a little frustrated. Is there a way to check where a spindle was manufactured before actually ordering? I’d hate to order online or drive an hour to get a spindle only to see it was made in Taiwan. I’m looking for TY, TDK or Maxell made in Japan 100 spindles for good prices…


CDR or DVDR, and where do you live?

US. Looking mainly for CD-R atm. I want top quality and longevity so at this point I’m thinking about the 100 spindle TYs for $28 at several sites.

My only concern tho (as a few others have mentioned) is the durability of the ‘blank’ unlabeled silver top TYs. I’ve seen a thread that says a needle can easily tear up the top plastic coating (whereas it would be harder for a branded/labeled CD-R). Also, I fear that a black marker would make it slightly less readable, at least in the long run.

Should I just be looking for Fuji’s or whatever ‘made in Japan’ at local stores for higher prices?


There’s no difference between the bulk silver and any other. The printable discs have an extra later of paint on them, but I really doubt that ads anything to durability.

Thx for the replies rd.

So it seems rather apparent, if I want top quality CD media at the lowest possible price…go for these silver top TYs $28 per 100?

(ie branded TYs would normally cost more?) I feel like I shouldn’t even bother checking out local stores, I read in one thread that all CD-Rs someone checked at bestbuy were ‘made in taiwan’.