Any way to shrink an image file?

I video taped a tv show (the soprano and the show after it) I created an image file using ulead video studio 7. The image file is just a little over 4.7 gig. I tried using shrink but it won’t accept that type of file. I have already erased the video tape so I can’t go back and make it shorter.I am very new to this and any help would be appreciated. My computer is a pentium 1.2 gig, 512 ram, the burner is a NEC 1100a. Thanks

You don’t say what kind of file you are trying to shrink. If it’s an ISO file just too large to burn you can shrink it with DVDShrink.

Run it through an Mpeg compressor or something. Perhaps VirtualDub can be of any assistance ?

Thanks for the replys. It is an iso image file. when I try to use shrink I select “full disc” the “open file” I have the file stored in “My Videos” but when I select “My Videos” the dvd iso image file does not show up. I can see it using windows exploror. Why doesn’t it appear in shrink? Thanks again.

In DVDShrink version or later try File->Open Disc Image, or Ctrl+I. If that option is not on your version, you can go to

Thanks a lot that did it. The new version of shrink.