Any Way To Set 3500 At 8x Max Speed For Quality Burns?


Now that I am only using Taiyo Yuden media for my DVD backups - is there any way that I can limit the maximum speed to 8x regardless of the burning program I am using?

I’m more interested in good quality burns than speed-

Thanks in advance for your help and/or suggestions-


Select 8X in your burning app.

If you use Nero and make a UDF Disk you can set the burn speed at whatever speed you want.


Yes you are SO right (read curt)-

What I was asking - was - in programs like my interVideo DVD Copy - it DOESN’T let you set the max speed like Nero and other programs do - was actually hoping that there may be another program out there that allows setting the max write speed - thats all-


User something like Nero Drive Speed to limit the read speed of the drive.

Mike, this looks like a slight incompatibility issue of the Intervideo DVD Copy version you are using with the ND-3500A. Are you sure you have the newest version of that software (the ND-3500A is a fairly new drive still)? Normally, every burning software should allow you to select the burning speed.

Yo packetloss-

No this is not the latest version - this is a cheapo older version that I got off of for $11-

The great thing about this program though - is that using it with AnyDVD - it always burns to one disc - and I have thrown originals as large as 9.4gb at it - so it works great for me - and so far have gotten great burns with my Taiyo Yuden 8x both - & +'s -

I looked at Nero Drive Speed and for the 3500 it says “maximum then 6x, 4x, 2x, 1x” also the 3500 is not on the supported drive list with Nero - If and when Nero supports the 3500 - does its Drive Speed set the speed for all apps??



Bigmike7, I think noone’s really reading and/or understanding what you mean. I think the best guess you can have is using the stock firmware 2.16 in your drive, that should prohibit any overspeed burning, thus limiting the TY discs to 8x, regardless of the app you’re using. As far as I know, there’s no such program as Nero CD/DVD speed that limits the WRITE speed of the drive. If it existed, I’d surely know, because that’s also what I’ve been looking for for some time.

Yo Squirrel-

Both my 3500’s came out of the box burnin’ Taiyo Yuden 8x -R @ 12x and the +R @ 16x and that was with the stock 2.16 firmware-

So I don’t think that is the solution-

Well - maybe I’ll just have to live with it-


Mike…i’ve never saw anywhere that you could change speeds for a burner other than the software you use to burn. If that’s what you mean. Been burnin’ for 12+ years now and never came accross anything other than burning software.

Note: Will post if i ever find anything

Free program like DVD Shrink will compress DVD9 into one SL image and write it to your harddrive. Then you can use whatever burner software you like to use. DVD Shrink actually will work with Nero to simplify use.
I only use Nero with my 2500A/3500A and it sure does support both burners with burn speed control.

You posted a question with little details and I answered accordingly.
Any burning program that is functioning properly will allow you to select the burn speed.
For a completely free solution use DVDShrink to rip and compress to .ISO files and then burn with DVDDecrypter (which will always allow you to select your burn speed).

i don’t think he’s looking for burning software…g-t Just wants to manually change burner speeds for whatever reason. Tell the burner itself what to do.

I understand it that he wants a way to limit the top burning speed of his TY media to 8x so no matter what burning program he uses,it automatically will default to 8x .
Kind of like the way that some of the firmwares for the 3500 auto-set the bitsetting to DVD-ROM, no matter what program you use,and u don’t have to manually set it every time.

I assume he wants this so in case he would forget to manually set it to 8x he won’t get a (possible)coaster, since most burning programs default to maximum for burn speed and the max speed for the TY media on this burner is 16x.

One possible solution could be to set the DMA settings lower so that it won’t burn any faster than 8x. I think i saw where @ UDMA 33, the max burn speed is 10x somewhere but I’m not sure where.

Is this right, Mike ?


I think you and i Tom are on track. But in my device manager (winXP Pro SP-1) i can only change CD recording speeds NOT dvd speeds…unless you know where it is there

I have to plead ignorance here, because i don’t even have my drive yet. I just ordered it yesteday from Newegg so when i get it Monday I’ll play around. I’ll also play around with my Lite-On and see if there is a way to do that.

I wonder if there may be a way to set a registry setting somewhere to limit max write speed to 8x in the HK Current User settings under some setting for all proggies.


The only way to limit burning speeds, regardless of the burning app, is in the drive. So far, I never found a program or registry setting which can limit write speeds from the computer. Maybe someone who’s also interested in quality burns instead of spead, could make a speed limit hack?

As for the DMA thing, if you want to try it, go to Control Panel/System/Hardware/Hardware settings, open the properties for your IDE controller where the drive is connected and change settings from “DMA, if possible” to “PIO mode only”.

PIO would be too slow tho for 8x. You would need to go from UDMA-66 to UDMA 33 to allow 8x. DOn’t know how practical all these ideas are but what the heck.

Tom :slight_smile:

You’re right about PIO, but it is not possible to set a certain DMA mode in Windows. At least not in the standard way. I remember I once had a computer with a VIA chipset (the latest pre-apollo PII/III chipset, I don’t remember the number). To get good transmission speeds, I had to install the VIA drivers AND a DMA tool. This tool allowed me to set a fixed DMA mode. However, since WinXP this tool doesn’t work anymore. And I never saw something like that on other chipsets.

I think in my bios i can set the DMA mode. I just looked and it has “Auto” up to 5. I have a Dual Xeon board with an Intel chipset.

Mike, you may want to check in your bios and see if you can set it for DMA 2 and not auto and they may do it.