Any way to salvage corrupt DVD?



Hi -

A while ago I had my family’s old reels converted to DVD. Unfortunately, it appears that the DVD is corrupt. It freezes and shuts down at a certain point when viewing, and gives a read-error when attempting to copy the files to my hard drive.

Is there any way to salvage any part of it? Perhaps the parts that are not on defective parts of the DVD? There are 2 VOB files, for what its worth.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Try .it can be set to ignore errors
also might help


First step is to use automotive polish to remove the deep scratches on the DVD. Be patient. Could take hours. I use Meguiar’s Deep Crystal Deep Gloss Polish and bathroom tissue paper. Change paper often as you polish out the defects. Use firm pressure to remove deep scratches and follow up with medium pressure/clean paper to achieve and smooth finish.

Reduce the read speed when copying the files back to the hard drive. Download AnyDVD and go into the SETTINGS option to select SLOW/QUIET MODE.

I haven’t lost a single disc yet. Note that if the dye in the DVD has degraded, then you may only be able to transfer those unaffected chapters to the hard drive and re-assemble them using Shrink (FREE), Nero Recode, or similar applications.