Any way to repair a CD mastered out of phase



I have an audio CD that was mastered out of phase. Needless to say it sounds like crap. I’ve read it is possible to to “repair” with a wiring modification on a home stereo, but is there any way to repair with a wav editting program? From what I’ve read one audio signal has its waveform 180 degrees out of phase with another.


Well that was easy. Load the wav file into CEP and invert one channel. Sounds much better now. I’ve had this CD for 8 years and never knew there was a mastering problem until I talked with one of the performers.


Does it really sound like crap, or just when you make MP3’s from it? :wink:


It sounded very flat… either ripped to wav from the cd or as MP3. I always assumed the CD was mixed that way, but I guess not. Once in the wav editting program, you could see where one channel was opposite of the other, and a simple invert of one channel fixed the problem.