Any way to override Fab's narrow range of "split" chapter options?

I like whenever possible to split longer films at an intermission point or in the middle of a fade-out/fade-in. But Fab resolutely refuses to let me choose where to make the split, offering me only 3-5 chapter options. Often these options fall way before an intermission or convenient fade-out. (Example, to properly split CHEYENNE AUTUMN between intermission and entr’acte, I would need to begin disc two on chapter 24, but Fab will only let me choose chapters 15-17 for splits. This does create an approx. equal number of GB per disc, but is WAY OFF in terms of allowing me to split where I want to. Is there a way around this? It’s perhaps the one feature of Fab that I truly despise.

Yes, but you probably won’t like it, both methods are sort of byzantine.:slight_smile: Use Customize and select the title, then use Advanced Title Options to set the chapter range to whatever you want; write this to a hard drive folder or disc. Then do the same procedure again, selecting the remaining chapters. You may wind up with different amounts of compression on the two discs, depending on the size of the original source disc. You can also use Merge to do this and it may be faster: with the original disc as the 1st source, make your choices for audio tracks and subtitles and click next; now select the chapters you want on the first backup disc. Then re-select the original again as the second source (you will have to use the source folder icon to do this) and follow the same steps as for disc one. Write this Merge to a HDD folder. The attached image below shows what such a Merge split of Spartacus looks like all set up. Be sure to select DVD9 so there will be no compression. When it finishes, select the merged titles folder as the source for Customize; two titles will be shown in the window. Select the first one (in the case of Spartacus, chapters 1-11) and burn it to disc. Then select the second title in the set (unselecting the first) and burn it as well. This does give you the abillity to set the split break at any chapter you choose, just takes a little longer and is less automatic (which I like).:slight_smile: Hope one of these methods works for you.

You can then use TitleWriter to put back the original menus on your splits. Can’t remember where I got the program; do a Google and you’ll find it - it’s free.

I usually leave them off on purpose, especially on disc 2 of a spllit.

Yes that’s right - can cause problems on disc 2.