Any way to "overclock" my Santa Cruz?

For lack of a better word. I have a Turtle Beach Santa Cruz sound card coupled with the Logitech z540 40W 4.1 speakers, which are fine for games and such. On other speakers though, it seems like my sound card puts out a relatively weak signal. Is there any kind of mods you can do to bump the output volume up?

And do these other speakers have the same required impedance ?

Actually, the output on the Santa Cruz is already higher than most sound cards. You shouldn’t hook up speakers, other than headphones, directly to the santa cruz, or any other sound card, without some sort of amplification. The reason the Logitechs are loud is because they are amplified seperately from the sound card.

Santa Cruz card requires amplified speakers, therefore your output volume is governed by the amplifier in your speakers. If you want a louder volume you must installed a set of speakers with a more powerful amplifier.

Also, check for any Santa Cruz driver updates.