Any way to lock a dvd or hide folders?




Is there any software which can allow me to lock or hide some folders (or whole disk) in dvd? I am not going to encrypt the files, I just want to lock or hide the files and folders in the dvd.


If it’s on the hard drive, yes. If it’s on the DVD, no.


Yeah, that’s true. I search around and don’t see any related software. If I want to lock or hide a folder in HD, do you have any good suggestion?

Folder Lock at seems got a lof of download in But no one leave comments there.


Well. If you own the PC and are an admin you can just lock the folder (take ownership).


I mean I will send my harddisk to somewhere else. So I would like to lock it in a more secure way.


Unless the person you send it to knows how to hack you should be safe by locking it down in Windows and not giving the person getting it admin control (create and account for him/her and put a password on all accounts with admin priv’s).


safest thing to do is to backup the info, and delete it from disk. i dont know about anyone else, but i can get into almost any file on a windows pc, given physical access - without trying hard at all.