Any way to identify Lightscribe media versions



I just picked up a LG GSA-H10L drive. I am new to Lightscribe and before knowing that there are two versions of Lightscribe CD/DVD’s (1.1 and 1.2) how can you tell which one you have.

The question I have is there any utility or diagnostic to read what version the CD or DVD is (1.1 or 1.2).




Depending on where you live, it all depends on the packaging manufacturer. I recently bought the 30-disc pack of MCC004 under the Verbatim brand and on the outside label, it does indicate version 1.2. On the other hand, the two 10-disc packs of Verbatim CD-Rs I bought a while ago don’t indicated anywhere that they’re 1.2, thus, they are 1.1.


You can use eather thro I think you will find 1.2 only.
the light scribe driver has an up grade that makes it 1.2 .
Google light scribe .


Thanks KTL and braynes,

Before I knew there were multiple versions I picked up a pack of 20 Memorex CD-R’s and there are no markings on the package or CD’s. Today I picked up two 5 packs of HP CD-R’s and the package label says Ver 1.2 with no markings on the CD to indicate the version.

It sure would be nice if software was available to identify LightScribe versions. I guess the trick for now is to use up the oldest media first if you don’t need the speed or quality that the newer versions provide.



if you install the new LS it will help the 1’s a bit so just burn.