Any way to get the screensaver for a dvd to backup with main title?

anyway to backup the main title and the screensaver too…i like the screensavers when i stop my dvd to take a tinkle.:stuck_out_tongue:

is there a certain track its on?

ive been playing with dvd shrink and havent figured what title it is…i know the dvd has one because the original has it…i just want the main title not the whole dvd backed up.

if theres better software to do this i would appreciate it…though i do love dvd shrink and its deep anaylisis so id like to get that to work.


My screensaver is a function of the player. Have never seen what you’re desribing myself.

on newer dvd players when you hit stop a screen of the movie title will appear instead of the default dvd players stop screen. i would say its more of a background than a screen saver. i dont see any way to do it with shrink…and i know dvd clone wont do it as it has no reauthoring commands. I guess i could look into dvdxcopy but i hate that program so slow and buggy.