Any way to get rid of QSuite warning popup?

I don’t know if there are real advantages, but the reason why I put my liteon as master and benq as slave is that the liteon is an udma-4 drive whereas the benq is an udma-2, so I thought that the liteon could work better if set as master. But probably there is no difference at all.

I don’t know exactly because I did no test swapping drives in IDE channel.

Same with me - I have always just set them up that way. having the BenQ as master does mean that I only get the one pop up - and no need to change drive letters

Hehe, good point :wink:

Here’s a weird one for you all though - as I said, my other PC is set up the same as mine - Litey as master, BenQ as slave. But I don’t get the warning. I’ve switched no drive letters or anything.

Weird, eh?

Interesting… :slight_smile:
While this is a technical forum section (and you are living room forum moderator) maybe you can care to tell us what’s the difference between your two compus/setups hardware- and softwarewise, like chipset and drivers, aso.
Thanks. :wink:

I never got the warning shown in DrageMester’s #5 post, although my 1650 is H drive and a Pioneer 111D is G. But I always get the popup in Pinto2’s #3 post. That’s the one that bothers me. I sent an e-mail to BenQ support. The tech who replied said he didn’t know any way to stop that one.

It’s hard to imagine why anybody at BenQ would have thought that popup is called for each time the program opens. There’s nothing in it any user would ever need to see more than once. And I’m being charitable by implying there may be something somebody needs to see at all. :confused:

The “+++ Warning +++” message is always there since QSuite 1.0, 2.0 and 2.1, although I also wish it can be disabled by an option.

The second smaller “Dialog” windows can be eliminated by changing the drive letters trick as mentioned by DrageMester.

Arachne, how is the drive letter assignment in both PCs?

I’ve never liked this application from the start for these exact reasons.

You would think that these people should be able to write applications that can detect their own drives and not pop up when there is no reason to, much like a firmware would only warn you if it detected the wrong drive.

What’s even worse is that I’m sure they are aware of it and yet they have made no efforts to correct this annoyance.

How could they possible assume that all BenQ drives must be installed on the IDE controller at location 0:0?