Any way to get rid of QSuite warning popup?

The warning that pops up every time I open QSuite got very annoying after the first time or two. Has anybody discovered a way to stop it?

You can change the drive letter of your BenQ drive to come before all your other optical drives - that will get rid of the annoying warning.

Right-click on My Computer, choose “Manage”, go to “Disk Management” and locate your optical drives. Then you can right-click on each drive and choose “Change Drive Letter and Paths…”.

Mr. DrageMester. What do you suggest for me then…
Can it be more “before all” then 0:0.

This is a bug in QSuite and you shouldn’t start to mess with changing drive letters, because it might mess up the whole computer.

I can’t confirm that.



OK there are actually two annoying warning that you get when starting QSuite and you can only get rid of one of them by following my procedure decribed above.

The second warning shown in the screenshot by Pinto2 is not something I can get rid of - I have simply learned to ignore it.

I don’t have any other suggestions other than to accept the annoying bug.

The warning you can get rid of is the one below:

BS Mr. DrageMester. :stuck_out_tongue:
You can see my screenshot above (if not get your goggles). Show me a better first order than 0:0. :bigsmile:

It is a bug in QSuite, but I don’t really agree with the messing up your computer part - sure it’s possibly to mess up your computer that way if you do something stupid like making an optical drive your C drive, but the same can be said about installing any program or visiting any webpage - [B]it’s not likely to happen, and it definitely won’t happen if you know what you’re doing![/B]
BS #2 DrageMester.
You should know your windoze crap. Never suggest changing drive letters. :smiley:

[B]Edit. [/B] Please DrageMester, when you completely re-edited your post, at least what you can do is to mention this in [B]“reason for editing”[/B].
Man, you are a moderator after all!

I have found that if I change my DVD drive letters, it plays havoc with ANYDVD not recognising the drive. Best bet is to just live with the message.

[B]Dragemester [/B]was only trying to be helpful!

Just how often do you want to run Qsuite?

I set my 1650 up just the once & that was it.

@pinto2, I edited my post above after checking which warnings are shown by QSuite on my system. Please read the updated version.

I change drive letters for optical drives on windows all the time, and there’s no adverse effect. There can always be some program that has fallen in love with a certain drive letter, but Windows itself couldn’t care less about the drive letters for optical drives - if you change the drive letter then Windows might suggest the old drive letter instead of the new drive letter when you try to update an application installed from an optical drive, but that’s about it.

I guess it’s possible that some games will become unhappy if you change the drive letter after installing the game, however. Since I don’t install any games I never run into any such potential problem.

If you want to keep my respect, I suggest you stop accusing me of posting bullshit!


You are right, and I have now mentioned it in the “reason for editing”. :iagree:

I run my QSuite ten times a day, when testing.

This warning pop-up is up and “running” every time. :slight_smile:

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I’m sure members in question had the time to read the post before editing.
Thanks. :wink:

I get the warning Drage posted, as my 1650 is slave to my Litey 1635S.

I just switched my drive letters as Drage instructed, and no more warning. :slight_smile:

Also, AnyDVD seems fine with the arrangement…

It could be also possible that this message was purposely inserted by benq developers to underline that not all benq drives can be used with qsuite. If I’m right, there is no way to get rid of it.

About the second warning message, if I’m not wrong was solved with the new version of qsuite; with v2.0 the second message is shown and with v2.1 the second message is not shown anymore. Is it correct?

I’ve switch the drive letters till i’m blue in the face and i still get the warning. It’s another benq thing i guess

I’m using v2.1 and until I switched the drive letters, I was still getting the warning in post #5

Thanks [B]Arachne[/B] :slight_smile:

I thought that this was solved in 2.1 version :doh:

I have QSuite 2.1 installed and I get the warning I posted above.
I’ve never had QSuite 2.0 installed on my system.

So it would appear that this has not been fixed.

Thanks for confirming it too :slight_smile:

I have v2.0 installed and this message is shown too.

I have several BenQ/Litey combinations 1655/165P6S and 1640/1693S
with the BenQ as master. Is there some benefit in having the Liteon as master and the BenQ as slave ?

I’m not really sure, to be honest. That’s just how it happens to be on both my PCs currently!