Any way to burn .cdi (discjuggler) files in Linux?



I think there is a way to do it, but i am not sure. I asked the following question on other forums, but had no responses:

[QUOTE]So i downloaded a .cdi file for Beats of Rage for the Dreamcast (bordc.cdi), but can’t figure out how to burn it. I was able to run cdirip.exe through wine, and that gave me three files: TData02.iso TDisc.cue TAudio01.wav What do i do from there? Discjuggler doesn’t work under wine, at least for me. I did google and came up with the following:


After trying the script, it just ends:

drecord.mmap: No tracks specified. Need at least one.
Usage: cdrecord.mmap [options] track1…trackn

Use cdrecord.mmap -help
to get a list of valid options.

Use cdrecord.mmap blank=help
to get a list of valid blanking options.

Use cdrecord.mmap dev=b,t,l driveropts=help -checkdrive
to get a list of drive specific options.

Use cdrecord.mmap dev=help
to get a list of possible SCSI transport specifiers.
2+0 records in
1+0 records out
2352 bytes transferred in 0.013045 seconds (180299 bytes/sec) line 10: -audio: command not found

Any other ways to burn a .cdi file in linux instead of the script?