Any way to boot a hdd as a dvd

For example i have a bootable ghost 10 cd is there any way i can make an external HDD boot up like it does ?

The boot schematic of a cd or dvd is different than that of a harddisk.
A harddisk uses a master boot record (MBR) to find out where the (and what kind of) boot files are and executes them. A cd or dvd loads the floppy disk drive image (a file or reference on the actual disc) and boots that floppy disk image. Booting from cd/dvd doesn’t even necessarily mean your actual cd or dvd is mounted.

thats very intresting do you know any ware else i can more good info on this subject ? Does that mena there is or there isnt a way to bood a hard disk ( external usb) like a cd or dvd ?

Thanks for yuor reply and yuor help :slight_smile:

So after abit more reading it turns out it is possible but not a single person on the planet who knows how to has tried! i wish i new how i am sure this is abit of software that could make a lot of money for the sheer fact it dosnt exist yet but could be very useful. oh well seems i will just have to stick with booting the DVD and pulling files of the usb2 external drive.


it is indeed possible (theroretically) to make an external HDD bootable. The method is the same as with USB sticks. But note:

Your mainboard must support booting from USB.
You can’t boot Windows from an external drive.
Software packages that are designed to run off a CD/DVD (like the Ultimate Boot CD for example) have to be “remastered” to make them running off an external HDD.