Any Way to backup a backup?

Hi, I’ve been snooping around these boards for a while (great board), and recently we had a big water problem in my basement, and some of my original dvds (from the store) are basically gone.

Luckily, I backed up most of them, but a couple that I really love and would hate to lose the backup of the movie is where I was wondering if it could be backup’d?

The original DVD that I had Black Hawk Down was ruined, but the backup is fine.

Is there anyway to backup the backup’d BHD dvd?

I wouldn’t think there would be any problems with legal actions in doing this since I bought the orignal copy… If so let me know please and thank you.

Hi B4Bronco6 and welcome to CD Freaks
Yes DVDFab Platinum or Gold version will be able to do it if you have any trouble with the program reading the disc which it shouldn’t you can use ISO Buster to retrieve the info and extract it to your HDD then copy from there

I have DVDfab HD decrypter… Will that work?

And what are these platinum or gold versions… what’s the difference between them?

Are they free lik HD decrypter?

Yes DVDFab HD Decrypter will do the job you want to do.
DVDFab Gold will copy,compress so a DVD9 will fit on a DVD% disc and then burn to the Disc (NOT) free
DVDFab Platinum will do everything Gold does but has a lot more features like editing and converting to mobil unites like ipod, PSP, XBox and mobil phones also (NOT) free

Oh, well then I guess I’m all set to Backup my backup.

Thanks for your help and time StormJumper!

If I need help, I’ll be coming back here!

Any time my friend and BTW you do not have to have a problem to come back can come back to chit chat, also DVDFab Platinum and Gold has a 30 day trial

I will be on here to chit chat about my observations/ progress/ problems!