Any way/software to change DVD+R back to blank?

Is there a way to make the DVD+R which already have some data written on it to appear back as a blank media? Of course, there would be less space on the dvd+r. I have got over two dozens of dvd+rs which have failed completely finish burning and didn’t want to waste them. Therefore, I wanted a way to use the left over space. Some of them have barely been written on.

Thank you in advance.

You have what we call coasters and about the only things they are good for is to but your drink on. :slight_smile:

PC-GUY is right, thats about all you can do with them. :slight_smile:

Actually, they are not even good for coasters: they kind’a leak through the middle. Better to hang them from the power lines leading into your house to scare the rats from coming across.

Rats. :eek: I’ve seen squirrels and birds at my house but not rats. :confused:

They don’t even make good frisbies.

What about some good microwave oven treatment? :stuck_out_tongue:

Note: Image taken from this page… there you’ll find a nice animation too! (Macromedia Flash Player needed)

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Now that looks like a christmas ornament. :bigsmile:

I only burn at 4X. If you spend more $ on Made in Japan media, then you may never create another coaster again. Also don’t mess around with the PC while the burner is writing data to the DVD.

The problem does not seem to be because of the media and the speed. I think it is because it is an external DVD rewriter. Sometime when I am burning I would hear a click before it is done and WindowsXP has redetected the drive. The Safely Remove Hardware icon has moved to the beginning of the list. With a 100 disc spindle, more than a quarter of it are coasters.