Any way around this DVD RW problem



i recently boughta pack of DVD RW discs, however i didn’t read the package close enough …doh

it says they are 1~4 speed and on the back it says " warning compatibillity issues when used on writers that are not 4x speed"

my optical drive is Optiarc AD-7170A which is max 8 speed, i think this is why it isn’t working …any way around this or am i gonna have to bin the discs and buy some 8 speed ones


No don’t chuck them you should be able to change the write speed in the program that you burn with


ah i thought that might be an issue aswell currently downloading nero its a 96 % …and then ill try again


I don’t have Nero I use DVDFAB because it will do HD-DVD also and an update is coming out soon to do Blue Ray, Good Luck and changing the write speed you should be ok another thing to look at is bitsetting as that will change the disk to DVD-ROM which is like the store bought ones which will play in any player :bigsmile:


You might have to bin those discs but your burner is capable of burning RW discs rated at anything up & including 8x. So that in itself is not the problem.

Even if you select 8x for the burn speed the burner will not burn them above 4x anyway. RW media cannot be burned over the max rated speed.

You don’t actually say what’s not working. To know what’s happening or not is absolutely necessary for us to be able to help you.


seems to be working thanks :stuck_out_tongue:


Also you didn’t say what brand of media you are using, In my thoughts TY or Verbatim are the best and give excellant burns, I am sure Tim will agree with me on this also :bigsmile:


If I must I suppose I’ll have to. :bigsmile:

For RW media Verbatim is , for me , the only choice be that CD or DVD media. There are some Ricoh 8x DVD+RW around if you can find them & they’re excellent also.

For CD-R & DVD media Verbatim & Taiyo Yuden all the way. Infiniti branded 16x DVD+R are also recommended. Well that sums up my media stock.

For dual layer the only one is Verbatim +R. Nothing else is worth the cost.

Brands to avoid would be stores own brands, Memorex & Ritek/Ridisc/Ridata. There are others but that’ll cover probably the majority of those available.