Any Views on Philips 3380

My dvdr 070 has given up the ghost after 3 years good use.

I used to re-author recorded +RWs on my PC using a ripper, Womble and ulead.

I’m thinking of purchasing a Philips 3380, - has anyone got some review on this product.

Will the output be .VOB - so I can decrypt or is there something telling me that the output files will be different?

Any views would be welcome. I don’t need HDD as already have SKy+

:smiley: Has arrived today.
Need to firmware upgrade to V3.26 to recognise by Philips 1 - 4x +RW.
Need to download firmware onto two seperate CD-R’s one is a CUB file (Software Upgrade) and the other is BIN file (Loader Upgrade).
Pop in tray and follow instructions - works a treat, now recognises the Philips media.
Nice little box - unfussy, has 1, 2, 4 and 6 hour recording settings (HQ, SP SLP ELP)

This unit has failed now - after one day - I am not impressed any more!! :doh:
Will not recognise any media - and I managed just one good recording.
I am now returning this product for another brand - and will never buy Philips again.
I had so much faith after my trusty but quirky dvdr 70 gave me 4 years worth of recording.
These machines should have a soft power down option - as they lock up so frequently - that I’m sure a hard power down affects the working ability of the logic circuitry.
Goodbye Philips, welcome another brand.