Any Tutorial for fitting multiple movies on DVD media with Menu..?

Have this mammoth amount of expensive original movies on VHS wich I would like to transfer on DVD media with a menu…is this possible?

Brief reply because I have to run to work. Is actually pretty easy if you use DVD-LAB from I did this with a 7 DVD Winsor Pilates set, put 3 DVDs on one DVD and 4 on another, all with nice menus. Not sure how you want to get your vhs on to your hard disk, but after that DVD-Lab makes it really easy. I ripped by DVDs to hard disk with dvddecrypter in file mode, then just use DVD-Lab to add each video segment I wanted and make a menu.

Thanks for the reply Chimera,

I capture stuff at 352 X 240 and it gives me a large 3 to 5 gig mpeg file which I then squeeze in with a few other captures using Ulead DVD Movie Factory or DVDLab and I will make menus and all...but, the resulting quality is rather blocky...

Whats the use of capturing VHS tapes at higher resolution than 352 X 240 (default VHS). I don't understand why that when it's converted and fits in nicely (3 gig mpeg is 800 megs dvd) it comes out blocky....anyone?

the thing that affects blockiness isn’t the resolution, but the bitrate. if the bitrate is too low, u’ll see macroblocking in the video. a higher resolution actually creates more blockiness at any given bitrate because the bits have to be spread out over a larger area. i’m guessing u’re trying to fit too much video into ur dvd, dropping the bitrate to unacceptable levels.

actually the DVD settings are:

MPEG files
24 Bits, 720 x 480, 29.97 fps
Video data rate: Variable (Max. 8000 kbps)
LPCM Audio, 48 KHz, Stereo

The general original mpeg sizes are 352 X 240 at 2.5 gigs and at those settings they all go down to around 800 megs each. So I’m giving them the max bitrate I can give and still have lots of space left on the DVD… So maybe I should capture at higher rez…? Gonna experiment…

Just thought somebody here would have gone through the same problems I’m having right now. Thanx anyways guys.

I was wondering the same thing, I’ve followed several threads on different msg boards talking about using Nero Vision Express or DVD Shrink but I have to call BS on both as I have tried both and neither lets you add more than a single movie.

Does anyone have any methods to suggest that actually work???

DVD Shrink can add multiple titles in re-author mode. Since the OP is dealing with mpegs instead of vobs he might as well demux them and use those streams in DVD-Lab to completely author his DVD.

I have tried, DVDShrink refuses to allow me to select another VOB source.
The options are greyed out. With Nero Recode I get an error, failed to open file—the system can not find the specified file. I ripped the VOB,s using DVD Shrink or DVD Decrypter and I can watch the VOB’s direct so I know they are not corrupt. Any ideas?

You need to have the ifos that come with the vobs, if you rip with DVDD be sure to select all files.