Any Tools To Fix This?

I’ve run a Windows XP Pro setup for over 2 years now. I am a Windows IT so very little issues over the 2 years. One issue I am having is registering a file-type to a program. I use WinRAR for compression, and if I download or get a file that begins with .001, .002, .003 etc etc I can no longer open up the rars by dbl-clicking the .001 rar file.

Is this some type of registry corruption? If I try to manually register it like I’ve done in the past it simply doesn’t work, or WinRAR is not selectable from the list, or if I can browse to the WinRAR executable, it still won’t register.

Any chance you have moved where WinRAR was installed to? I had this same problem with TextPad. It was in a folder on my desktop at first and I set it to open several types of files by default. One day I decided to clean up the desktop and I moved the TextPad folder to C:. TextPad would no longer open the files it was supposed to. I could use ‘open with’ and select TextPad and ‘always use…’ but the files would still open with Notepad instead.

“My Computer” > Select a file with .001 extension (etc.) > Right click > “Properties” > “Open with” > “Change” > Choose WinRAR from the list (if it is not in the list, choose “Browse”) > “Apply” > “OK”.

That is EXACTLY what I always do when I encouter a file-type issue such as this, but this time when I click “browse” and select the WinRAR.exe after I click it nothing happens. It takes me right back to the choose programs from list page as if I never chose anything at all.

Just a guess, do you have the latest version of WinRAR?
Have you checked whether the .001 extension type of files are compatible with your zip unpacker software?

probably a very good guess too

There is a location for file associations, As I remember when you first install it tries to take over all your file associations

By default WinRAR shows no support for the .001 extension, but it always has worked in the past once I’ve manually chosen WinRAR to open that file-type.

I now wonder if it is because I am using a beta version of WinRAR. …but then again, any executable that is not shown in the immediate list to choose from will not work.

the 001,002 etc files are associated automaticly with the rar.

Bizarrest thing! I’m getting exactly the same with winrar 3.60 beta 1.

I right click a .001 file, select open with, browse to winrar.exe , double click it but then it takes me straight back to the application picker and winrar is still not on the list.