Any tool to recover scrach cds?

any tool to recover scrach cds ?

Just came across this one yesterday, haven’t had a chance to try it yet:

Another one to try:

Someone will probably post with more options.,

thaks frnd let me try …

In addition to Whappo’s suggestions you might consider using a product like Brasso…yeah the metal polish. The current label states it can be used on plastic watch crystals.
I can personally vouch for Brasso as I have “[I]recovered”[/I] a few cds and dvds that were previously unreadable.
Use a microfiber cloth and apply from inside out like spokes on a wheel.

I’ve also seen positive comments about using toothpaste (acts like a jeweler’s rouge) and pledge furniture polish, biut I have not tried either of the last two myself.

Or you can spend about $20 at Walmart and buy a CD/DVD polishing machine which will do a good job on scratched disc, that is if you are in the US

Or take it to a Local Video Rental Store and have them Buff it out for a couple dollars. ( If you can find a Local Video Store ) They are harder to find now days.