Any tips to reduce snoring?

I’ve got a friend who snores and it is really bad to share a camp out or chalet with him around. Tossing him doesn’t seem to help for long.

Any ideas?

Yeah…Cut his nose off. (just joking)

earplugs :bigsmile:

My Question is…Why is it that the Snorer always gets to sleep first? Anyone got an
answer to this?

Breath-Right nose strips help. There is also a spray that you spray the back of your throat with before bedtime that is advertised. Both are OTC products.

A gun. :rolleyes: :bigsmile:

Get the ear plugs that have the consistency of white bees wax. They say don’t insert into ear but you can do it anyway. Just be careful, you are creating a sealed vacuum in there. Works great at Chuck E. Cheese too!

Surgery helps the best. There are sprays, but they only paralyze the tongue for a while.

sleep on your side or your stomach.

There are two answers:

  1. Maybe the nonsnorer stays awake in anticipation of the snoring to come, and

  2. Maybe the snorer doesn’t like the other person and wants to keep them awake.

Did your mate enjoy this? :wink:

Put a pillow on his face and sit on it. (just kidding)

ok best way to get him to stop…

1-let him get to sleep
2-when the snoring start
3-Get a sledge hammer and smash his face in
4- no more snoring…
5- jump in bed and get some sleep…


Have him eat at the “Y” and fall asleep there-if he then starts snoring it could be very enjoyable…

:eek: :eek: :eek:

@Sexy_S, let me think about the bondage thingy’ again, ok.

I have heard of rough sex but this might be a little extreme even for me.

I sense a disturbance in The Force™. Very bad experiences with snoring people?

I got an idea get a big roll of duct tape.
Tape arms then legs and finally tape the pillow to his face.

yep 2 suggestions
1 put a bra on him the wrong way round with tennis balls inside (snorers are worse on there backs) he will roll over with the digging of the balls in his back!

2 if above fails…take a pillow cover his face with it and press down the snoring should cease within a few mins :cool:

Is this person overweight or chubby? Thats often a reason for snoring.