Any tips on fixing audio sync problems on FLV -> DVD MPEG?

I’ve got this file… it’s an FLV file.

I tried converting it to a DVD MPEG file using Total Video Converter (both 3.02 and 3.10), and also ConvertXtoDVD 2.1.14.

The problem… the video seems to be about a second or so ahead of the audio, right from the start.

The problem isn’t present in the original FLV file… it plays fine in a FLV player with no synch issues.

Here’s a screenshot from ConvertXtoDVD with file info if that might be helpful:

Any tips on fixing these synch issues? Is there a way for example I manually offset the audio track? And speaking of offset… what’s the “Offset 30 ms” in the audio track (at the bottom left)? I wonder if that has anything to do with the problem?

edit - "Click once on a stream to change its offet… how the hell did I miss that!?! Maybe I just answered my own question right after my post… will give this a try… :o :o :o

Here’s a free tool for converting FLV files online, all you need is the URL, and this really works great:

I’m looking to make a high quality DVD though.

I tried messing around with offsets, but that won’t fix it. The audio and video lose synch on a curve. And it’s rather nasty… about a second of synch is lost over a few seconds.

I think it has to do with the FPS of the original FLV file. It looks like it was encoded at 15 fps. So it has to basically double the frame rate to 30 fps. That’s where I think the problem might be.

Has anyone encountered this before and found a fix?

Try the online converter, if it’s a web video. It really is about the best FLV converter. Once you have an MPEG4 or DIVX, conversion to MPEG2 for DVD will be simple enough.

I’ve converted a lot of low-framerate FLV vids and never had synch problems. Usually the trouble is poor video quality.

If you have a URL for the video, I’d be happy to play with it.

Not a direct URL…

See, ABC canceled the series “Day Break.” They then put the unaired episodes online. Call me an old coot, but I refuse to watch it on their web player and my computer monitor.

ABC’s full episodes are streamed using RTMP. For years, RTMP was not downloadable. That changed very recently, with the release of Replay Media Catcher. This does NOT just “capture” the video using an analog method, but actually downloads the FLV files.

So that’s what these files are., then run Replay Media Catcher, hit “Start Recording,” and play an episode. Make sure you hit “size” then “big,” as it is actualy a completely different file, not just a zoom. Replay Media Catcher does NOT work with’s “new” player, you have to do “click here to launch previous version” to get it to work.

I don’t expect you to do all that, but there’s my info. :slight_smile:

ABC web site is infamous for really screwed up video. Maybe someone else knows what to do with it. I usually use Snagit for videos of that sort. The results are not usually DVD-quality though.

I also have to wonder what your program is really doing. their web site says “capture” and “record”, so I suspect that’s what it’s doing, not downloading the file.

Nope… it’s a breakthrough. It downloads the actual FLV files. It does NOT “capture” them.

Most programs I’ve seen use the terms “capture” and “record” (for example, WMRecorder), as that’s what the general user understands I guess.

ABC sure didn’t seem to like this… as I mentioned, shortly after Replay Media Catcher was released, ABC released their “new player,” which won’t work with Replay Media Catcher. Not sure if that’s going to be fixable in an update to Replay Media Catcher or not… I hope so! :sad:

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