Any Tips For My Home System?

The system I use to watch TV is set up like this.

Philips DVP5960/37
Western Digital MyBook External 160GB HD

I have these two peices connected via USB 2.0 and it seems to work well, thats not to say I haven’t encountered problems because I have.

The first problem I encountered was the fact that I had reformated the MyBook to the NTFC file system. The philips player cannot read this file system, so I had to reformat back to the factory Fat32 system.

Now my current problem is that some files are recognized just not played.

For instance, Friends Season Two. Encoded in DivX in an avi file. Season one plays just fine, in fact season two plays fine with VLC on my computer, just not in the Philips. I’ve had this problem with only one other file and it was House MD #305 (Season 3 Episode 5)

Does anyone have any tips on how to make this system run a little more smoothly?