Any Thoughts?

I just want to know does anyone have any thoughts are experiences with this DVD-R media - LEGACY DVD-R 4.7GB 4X 50Pack
The cheapo price and good reviews kind of drew me in. . .

I was also thinking of getting these (Fuji 8X 4.7GB DVD-R 50-Spindle Pack ) but that $23.00 price tab just keeps drawing me back the the Legacy disc.

I have a NEC2500a by the way

These prodiscS03 are probably better:
OR get the +R which is R02 for $48/100 if you prefer +R.

Videohelp media database shows some pretty crappy MID codes for those Legacy DVD-Rs. I would recommend going with some better media such as the Fujis or the Prodiscs that g-t recommended.
Supermediastore also has a 50 pack of ProdiscS03 for $20 if you’re looking for a smaller quantity than 100.

Hey thanks guys. That’s a really good deal on those Prodisc. I might have to check them out. Thanks Again