Any Thoughts on the best External USB / Firewire Drive out there right now?

LG-513 USB / Firewire
Memorex USB / Firewire
Mad Dog USB
Plextor USB (Expensive)

I am leaning toward the LG…Supposedly does burn at 16X (never specifies what kind of media actually does…but test shows the fastest 16X burns of any drive). Plus it does dual layer…and I like firewire. This will be used on my Toshiba laptop…6 pin to 4 pin connector, etc.

Thoughts would be appreciated… :bow:



I have the Memorex USB/Firewire external drive based on the NEC 3500A.
This drive burns perfectly at 16x via USB 2.0 on many media types.

hi, and sorry if I open a old thread, but as I can easily find a memorex external dvd writer here, I would like to know something more… Yours was the old one, External 16x8 version, part number 32023282, or the DVD Double-Layer Recorder 16x16 Dual Format External Part Number: 32023288?
I see a good review of the internal new one which i easily suppose to be the same of the external, even if this does not mean too much, as the case could make it bad. I am not completely sure but I suppose I find the new one… Can it be compared with BenQ or pioneer or liteon? Is it a good scanner? :confused:

Hi all,

I am very interested in the following external Drive:

Memorex 32023288 DVD Double-Layer Recorder 16x16 Dual Format External Drive

It is true, that this is based on the NEC 3500A??

Please any Recomendations…Thoughts would be appreciated!!

Thanks for help!