Any Thoughts On Alcohol 120%?

Do any of you use this burning software, and if so what do you think about it?

.: I like it, works quite well with my new LG writer except Alcohol 120% doesn’t yet support SuperLink.

Very promising piece of software. Still has a few minor bugs and issues to be resolved and quite a few drives not yet supported, but that’s only to be expected at this stage of it’s development.

Produced perfect backups of safedisc 2 cds in good time using my Ltd-24102b as reader (hopelessly slow reading safedisc with my Ltd-163 though), the virtual drive seemingly works without flaw and, most impressively of all, it knocked out a perfect copy of Warcraft III (new securerom new) on-the-fly in less than 4 minutes. :smiley:

No doubt you’ll get support for SuperLink in a coming release.

(I’ve included instructions for it’s use for safedisc 2 back-ups in the safedisc 2 guide .)

Yeah I just saw that safedisk v2 guide which is very nice indeed, I wonder if my drive ( LG GCE-8320B ) will do all these new copy protection schemes as according to CloneCD’s site it does EFM correctly.

If clonecd’s site says it’s a 2 sheep efm burner, then it should handle any version of safedisc.

Don’t know about the latest versions of securerom because theory and practice often varies with that protection. Also varies markedly as between individual writers (particularly Liteys) if used as the reader, even where they are of the same make and model and using the same firmware. Try it for yourself and see. :wink:

My friend just bought Battlefield 1942 last weekend, I will see if I can back it up for him.

.: Thanks for the info philamber, much appreciated.

(hopelessly slow reading safedisc with my Ltd-163 though)

The best and quickest way for all readers and all writer to create an image from a safedisc 1/2 and to burn it after is to use with fastdump method .

This work with all good image maker software .

As it seems that one of the person in charge of daemon is involve in Alcohol software too, this software will become a must (for example to create TAGES or STARFORCE image) soonly and the fastdump method certainly might work also without the use of daemon .